EnView Cattle Company - Annual Bull Sale 2019

Welcome to the EnView Cattle Company - On Farm Bull Sale. We pride ourselves in using a diverse selection of AI Bulls and the Best of Our Walking Bulls. Some of the highlight bulls this year of off Musgrave Big Sky, Windy 702H (Old School Bull), Koupla Kozi, Bennett Total (Grand Sire of Famous EnView Camo 11Y), Musgrave Aviator (Heifer Bulls ALERT), Gar-El Protege (Feed Efficiency), SAV Heritage, Thunder and more... Our walking sires this year are represented by EnView Camo 11Y, EnView Chunk Of Coal 1B. On Offer are 10 2 Year old Bulls and 15 Yearling bulls, they all look great and are ready to go....

Two Year Old Bulls

These bulls are sound and are ready to go to work. The bulls were fed grass/hay all summer and oats were added in fall to get ready. We fed for longevity and ability to work. The new Two Year Old pen is a big wide open space where there is enough room to roam around. All the things a breeding bull needs!!! Satisfying to see the boys look good and ready to go... come take a peak

EnView HighTops

bw: 81

EnView Camouflauge 11Y Son - Cow Bull .

EnView Roly Poly 2E

bw: 88

SAV Heritage Son - Cow Bull

EnView Big Easy 10E

bw: 87

Conealy Thunder Son - Heifer Bull And Cows

EnView BoutTime 34E

bw: 88

EnView Bout Time 3C X Remitall Ellen 107W

EnView Tough Guy 16E

bw: 82

Remital Victory 109E X ENV 11Y

EnView Mr International 8E

bw: 79 lbs

Sankeys Justified 101 X Foresight

EnView Hershel 27E

bw: 83

Remitall Victory 109Z X Env 11Y

EnView BRD Determined 5E

bw: 82

GAR-EL Protege X Glendor Jennifer

EnView Justified 38E

bw: 87

Sankeys Justified 101 X Remital Victory 109E

Yearling Bulls

Lots of good bulls in this pen. Wide variety of sires in the yearling pen, from AI Sires to walking bulls. Here are just a few of the strong bulls to select from... These bulls are being fed for good gains and longevity. Worth a phone call and a visit.

EnView Good Stuff 24F

bw 88

Innovation X Grid Topper

EnView Chunk Of Coal 31F

bw 79

EnView Chunk Of Coal 1B X EnView Erelite 37A (Sweet Pea - Cammo Daughter)

EnView Justa Northern Desire 27F

bw 85

Justamere Desire 621Z X Justamere Justification 269B

EnView Palmateer 4F

bw 78

KG Justified X EnView Chunk 1B

EnView Summation 7F

bw 83

Bennett Total X EnView Chunk 1B

EnView Wing Man 8F

bw 83

Koupal Kozi X Bear Tooth Ultravox

EnView Big Man 16F

bw 78

Musgrave Big Sky X Parkwood Tibbie

EnView Buckaroo 22F

bw 76

EnView Chunk 1B X Foresight

EnView Chunk Of Coal 43F

bw 79

EnView Chunk Of Coal 1B X Foresight

Bulls Of Fame

Bulls From EnView Program

EnView Camouflauge 11Y

HF Tiger X GR Ellen 107W (Bennett Total)

EnView Chunk Of Coal 1B

Sankeys Justified 101 X EnView Belle Sara 83U (SAV Final Answer)

EnView Bout Time 3C

Justamere Right Time X EnView BlackBird 38A (Foresight)

EnView Simple Man

ENV 11Y X EnView Ever Entense 93W (SAV Density)

EnView Chip 12D

ENV 1B X EnView Blackbird (ENV 11Y)

Remitall Victory 109Z

Remitall Odyssey 67X X Remitall Madge 835U